Sunday, May 18, 2008

c s lewis

Today i read about C. S. Lewis, who is famous for writing the Chronicles of Narnia. I was thinking about him because, of course, the new Narnia movie came out this weekend, and I want to see it.
Some interesting things about him: Clive Staples went by the name Jacksie/Jack after his dog Jacksie was hit by a car when Clive was 4 years old. His family and friends called him Jack from then on. He grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but he lived in England for most of his later life. He always identified as an Irishman, and made fun of English people (nice).
Like all Irish people who meet in England we ended by criticisms of the inevitable flippancy and dullness of the Anglo-Saxon race. After all, ami, there is no doubt that the Irish are the only people … I would not gladly live or die among another folk.

He was baptized in the Church of Ireland, but renounced his religion at age 15. He converted back to Christianity (but in the Church of England) at age 33. He wrote a lot about Christianity, and his fiction/fantasy books have Christian themes (they also have influences from Celtic mythology). Most people know he was very good friends with J. R. R. Tolkein.

Anyway, I hope that was interesting!


Stefan said...

I totally thought C. S. Lewis was a chick. Thanks for clearly that up with this post.

Nuala said...

wait, really? cuz that's just sad.